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About Phyllis Wilson

Phyllis Wilson obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family Law from DePaul University on June 10, 2006 and a Master’s Degree in Applied    Professional Studies with a focus in Professional Speaking and Life Coaching; while she was working on her Master’s Degree she has obtained her certification as an NLP Master Practitioner. She is attended Capella University to obtain her PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with a focus in Coaching.

As a self-employed Life  coach/Consultant, student, mother, grandmother; she finds time to pursue other areas of interest. She develops many seminars, workshops and conferences that focus on personal and organizational development as well as other individual focuses.

In corporate America she has worked in the areas of Finance/Accounting and Human Resources, she has over 20 years of experience with various software packages, conducting training and creating training manuals. She also has familiarity with IT testing and integration processes. The skills and knowledge that she has obtained builds on her ability to research best practices, assess current practices/procedures and recommendation of new processes/procedures.

She is the author of 4 books (No, Not You! Why Not Me?, Josephine's Coat of Many Colors -book & workbook; Silent Tears), but currently working on two other books. Her purpose in life is to empower, motivate, inspire and uplift the lives of people to achieve all that they desire. This is what makes PH Balance develop people to be living in this world not merely existing.

As Founder and Owner of two organizations (PH Balance Life & Yarning to Help), she is thriving to make a positive change and difference in the lives of people that she encounters.

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About: Pro Gallery
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